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Fun & Focused


The children experience art on a daily basis with projects that reinforce the learning concepts being taught with literary and math connections. They also explore the basic art concepts of line, shape, color, texture, space and feelings in a creative approach to painting, drawing, collage, sculpture and construction. The children also learn about famous artists and paintings.


The children participate in music classes once a week for 30 minutes with piano accompaniment, led by our Music Coordinator, to learn and sing an assorted repertoire of songs and fingerplays with literacy, math and seasonal connections. Playing small percussion instruments such as jingle bells, rhythm sticks and egg shakers, are also implemented. They explore the concepts of pitch, tempo, dynamics and timbre.


The children participate in creative movement activities, such as dancing and marching, which are incorporated, both, in the classroom and during music class. They have the opportunity to explore movement using props such as scarves and ribbons. Concepts of self and spatial awareness are also explored.

Dramatic Play

The children have the opportunity to pretend and imagine as they make sense of the world through dramatic play. They explore their feelings, use problem solving skills and develop social skills. They experience a variety of set ups including home setting, baby nursery, doctor and vet's office, supermarket, farm and zoo, Santa's workshop, post office, and construction site.

Online Enrichment

The children have the opportunity to engage in academic enrichment activities through our online platform if needed. They will explore activities in all areas of the curriculum.

Language & Literacy

The children explore language through literature, phonics, sight words, journaling, environmental print, and group discussion as they systematically go through the alphabet.


The children explore three fundamental math concepts: Number, which includes number recognition and formation; Measurement & Graphing; and Sorting & Patterning, which includes color and shape recognition.


The children explore seven basic science concepts: observing, comparing, classifying, measuring, communicating, inferring, and predicting. They participate in science experiments and sensory activities with literacy and math connections.

Outdoor Play

The children engage in gross motor activities such as running, climbing, jumping, skipping, throwing balls, riding tricycles, and going down the slide during outdoor play in our playground.
They also go on neighborhood walks and on rainy days, gross motor activities are done indoors through a variety of fun educational games.

Christian Curriculum

The children learn the basic foundation of the Christian faith through the teaching of the Bible and the love of Jesus in accordance with Saint Matthew Lutheran Church’s Statement of Faith. They participate in prayer, Bible stories and activities, and actively learn Bible verses.

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