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Registration Form

2024-2025 School Year



The following documents must be uploaded as PDF files in order to submit your child's registration form: 1) Child's Birth Certificate 2) Child Health Report 3) Child's IEP or IFSP, if applicable. PLEASE NOTE: File size allowance is 2 MB per file due to the number of students and files. The Office Lens app does a pretty good job of keeping one page scanned documents under 2 MB. Another way to ensure that the file is under 2 MB is to make a black and white copy of the document and then scan it to PDF since color documents tend to be larger files. Avoid converting picture files such as JPEG or HEIC to PDF. Picture files also tend to be large files and therefore make larger PDF files when converted.

Click here to download a blank copy of the required Child Health Report Form that must be filled out by your child's pediatrician.


Fill out our registration form

Registration Form Information: 1) All required fields must be filled out in order to advance to the next page. These are indicated with a red asterix. 2) The form has read only fields and all signature fields must be signed and dated in-person. 3) Your child's Registration Form will be printed by the office.


pay the $65 Registration fee

Submit your payment for the required $65 Registration Fee, non-refundable, online through


Make an appointment to sign the paperwork

We request that you please contact the office to make an appointment to come in to verify the information provided and sign all the necessary paperwork. You can call or email us to schedule.

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